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    Skin Treatment

    Taking care of your skin is important. Healthy skin allows you to keep your smile intact. You will receive expert supervision at Dr. Roy's Clinic, which makes you look good as well as keeping your skin healthy.

  • Hair loss treatments

    Hair Regrow

    Losing your hair can be a nightmare. But in today's modern world, that isn't an issue. We have the latest technologies and treatments to stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

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    Scar Removal

    With the help of Laser treatment we help our client to get rid of unwanted scar mark and hyperpigmentation.

  • Hairfall becoming Nightmare

    Hair Transplantation

    We provide most mordern and sophisticated treatment when it comes to hair transplantation. Weather you are looking for FUT and FUE. We provide hair transplantation according to our clients need.

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Skilled Physician

Our doctors are experts when it comes to hair and skin treatments, holding years of experience.

Latest Equipments

At Dr.Roy's Clinic we are equiped with the latest technology equipment.

Client Satisfaction

We are proud that our clients are completly loved the result of the treatment.

Our Services


Hair Transplantation

 We provide expert hair transplantation solutions. The procedure can be performed either by FUE or FUT.  


Growth factor concentrate activator, which derive from your own blood, best procedure for hair regrowth and rescue hair fall.



Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), also known as autologous conditioned plasma, is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. Help In instant regrowth of hair.  


Glutathione Treatments

Glutathione treatments help you get fair skin.


Advance Laser Treatment

Our laser treatment helps our clients permanently get rid of unwanted hair. We also offer a laser treatment for hyperpigmentation. It is possible for an accident scar to leave a mark on your life for the rest of your life. You can get rid of all marks with our advanced laser treatment.  


Chemical Peeling

 With proper diet counselling and skin care management, Acne Vulgaris, Acne Rosacea can be treated effectively. Chemical peels also improve the appearance of your skin, making it brighter and smoother.  

Reverse the Sking Ageing

Most of us are deprived of healthy skin due to hectic work schedules and unhealthy lifestyles. In Dr Roy’s Clinic, we help our life to get glowy healthy skin by suggesting proper medicine and lifestyle. Most of our treatments reverse signs of aging and prevent any type of damage.


Our Happy Clients!

I came to this clinic with excessive hair loss and thickening of my hair. After treatment of 1/2 month, I am too much satisfied as my loss of hair has been decreased to more then half than before. Hope for more better result. Thanks Dr.Roy

Sananda Ganguly

I joined due to alopecia areta with 4 patches on my head. Now I am fully satisfied because of the regrowth of hair, very good experience. Thank you Dr.Roy for the treatment.

Madhu Jain

I Pradyut Malakar a patient of Dr.Roy’s Clinic. I had some skin issues which Dr.Roy has nicely taken care of . Result are satisfactory, moreover the staffs and other infrastur in the clinic are patient friendly and reliable. I wish him sucess. Thanks.

Pradyut Malakar

Hair Regrowth

In the modern age of treatment hair regrowth is possible with proper medicine and hair loss treatment. Our expert doctor suggests the best possible medicines and hair treatments. If you need a hair transplant or just medicine, our expert doctors will help you with the best suggestion. Don’t wait until it’s too late , visit today.

Hair Treatment & Procedure.

Losing your hair can put you under a lot of stress. Ignoring it can result in permanent hair loss. Please don’t ignore it, our expert doctor can help you with the right suggestions and treatment when it comes to hair regrowth or hair treatment. We use modern amenities when it comes to hair regrowth or promoting healthy hair. The most suitable solution for you will likely be PRP, GFC, or hair transplantation. Our expert doctors understand your hair problem and will make the best recommendation for you.


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